ANOC WORLD BEACH GAMESHeimana Reynolds grabs golden glory

15 October, 2019

Whenever a skater wants to give credit, bumps the nose of his board on the ground. That is kind of a tradition.

An acknowledgement for whoever tries the hardest trick. And nails it! It is all about progress.

The men’s final for skateboarding Park, in Aspire Zone, on 15 October, had many bumps. A lot of demanding tricks and one man who run the show: Heimana Reynolds. Current World Champion in Park competition was just amazing.  He did more than one breathtaking tricks and he enjoyed it as well.

The skater from the United States led the race since the semi-final, finishing first among 21 skaters.

The skateboard community is slightly different than others. Heimana was skating all day long. As other did. Some tricks, big smiles. Nobody stopped clapping, cheering and hugging their opponents. Opponents in this competition, but truly their brothers in arms when it comes to skateboard. It’s all about the process.

The gold medal from Reynolds was the first for the United States in a men’s competition in Qatar 2019!

Steve Pineiro from Puerto Rico managed to push the world champion until the very edge of the competition. He ended up with the silver medal. And he was really happy with that.

“Sketboarding is my life. I have no words. I am glad I came to Doha. I want to thank my family for the support the showed me,” Piniero said.

The Puerto Rican was explosive during his three tries. And after the first one he was leading, until Heimana pulled some tricks out of his big bag.
“I had to do my best. The crowd was amazing. Skateboarding has taught me everything in my life,” Reynolds quoted while he was wrapped in the flag of the United States of America.

The bronze medal winner was 15 years old Alessandro Mazzara from Italy.

“I did not expect to win anything. I wanted to skate and have fun. This is amazing,”, Mazzara said.


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